Roland LEC2-300 UV printer/cutter

Print, cut and crease packaging mock ups with foil block, spot varnish and emboss on card, film and other materials all on one device.

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LEC2-300 UV Printer Cutter

The all new LEC2-300 allows stunning Packaging Mock-ups to be created on an almost unlimited variety of uncoated rigid and flexible stocks, featuring CMYK inkset complemented by White and Varnish a full range of embellishment is possible.

Powered by the latest ORIS FlexPack // Web Software, we are able to extract the maximum colour gamut from the inkset ensuring your mockups look as close as possible to the shelf ready product.

The on-board cutter makes production of cut labels possible, perfect for all your mock-up requirements.

Olive Oil Samples printed directly to actual stock with varnish and embossing

Above Olive Oil product mock-up printed directly to actual stock with varnish and embossing.

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  • On-board cutting and creasing

    Whichever width you choose, all models have an on-board cutter making label production a totally automated process. Simply tell the printer which stock you are using from a menu in the ORIS FlexPack // Web software and the printer does the rest. Capable of cutting the thinnest label stock to GD2 Carton, it can even crease with the optional Creasing Tool!

  • Simulation of Finishing Effects

    Modern packaging increasingly features complex finishing effects like spot varnishes or embossing. Even simple products like aluminum lidding foils or folding cartons made from recycling materials are inline finished today. This increasingly creates problems in proofing or prototyping, as these effects could not be reproduced. On the other hand, these effects have a significant impact on the appearance of a product, or lead to colour shifts in printing, when using, for instance, matte varnishes.

    For the first time, it is now possible to perfectly simulate these effects accurately registered on a proof or dummy. Even delicate matte or gloss spot varnishes can be produced, as well as using multiple layers of clear ink to simulate embossing and 3D textures. Thanks to the ORIS software, density and thickness of the varnish can be exactly controlled.

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