Linea DH-650 Laminator

Used in conjunct with the ORIS Media Transfer Film, allows images to be transferred onto virtually any uncoated substrate.

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Linea DH-650 Laminator

The Linea DH-650 is used in conjunction with the ORIS Media Transfer Film as a part of our Packaging Proofing and Mock-up solution. This allows for print to be transferred onto virtually any uncoated substrate to enable actual production stock to be used in mock-up.

The Transfer Film is especially suited to producing proofs and mock-ups for the Metal Deco Market, it allows proofs to be created directly from Pantone Live data onto tin sheets. These can then be formed into a shelf ready mock-up, drastically reducing new product development times.

Workflow Beer Keg

  1. Sheet metal crimped and welded
  2. Spot white ink
  3. Copper metal effect overprinted translucent colour

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  • Stylish Strength

    Unlike other models on the market, the Linea laminating machine is solidly built from all-metal parts with heavy duty motors to withstand the rigors of continuous operation and a tough working schedule.

  • Safety as Standard

    Every system includes a safety guard and a separate hand safety trimmer to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Simple but complete control

    The easy to use control panel takes virtually no training, yet it offers you complete control over every job.

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