Roland VSi and XR Printer/Cutters

Print colour accurate with orange, green, white and metallic ink and then cut or crease on the same device.

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VSi and XR Printer Cutters

The revolutionary Roland eco-solvent printers are available in three different sizes from 30-64 inch. In addition to a white and metallic ink, it features Orange & Green, with the specially developed XG Inks, allowing the production of contract quality proofs and prototypes on substrates similar to the original stock. The printer also includes a 'Print & Cut' function to produce adhesive labels and decals.

KitKat Chunky chocolate bar mock up

  1. Underprinting spot white
  2. Translucent accurarte spot colors
  3. 50μ heat-sealable metallized film

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  • Extended Gamut ORIS XG Inks specifically formulated for proofing applications

    A totally re-formulated CMYK inkset, with the Light colours replaced with Orange and Green. The target colour space was that of an Epson Proofer, the XG inkset will hit 98% of the Pantone range. The addition of Metallic also allows for full reproduction of the Pantone Metallic range, the addition of an opaque White ink allows for stunning proofs and mock-ups on a range of clear label stock and shrink film.

  • Large Format

    Available in widths of 30", 54" and 64", the smallest label to full size shelf ready cartons can be proofed or mocked up.

  • On-board cutting and creasing

    Whichever width you choose, all models have an on-board cutter making label production a totally automated process. Simply tell the printer which stock you are using from a menu in the ORIS FlexPack // Web software and the printer does the rest. Capable of cutting the thinnest label stock to GD2 Carton, it can even crease with the optional Creasing Tool!

  • Extended Heater for fast drying and faster production

    A standard piece of kit with the ORIS Packaging Proofing Solution, allows for multiple passes on any stock with near instant dry. This enables rapid dry and quick ship times to customers, sure to impress!

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