iC3D Packaging Design Software

iC3D is the first real-time all-in-one package design software that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly.

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iC3D Packaging Design Software

How iC3D works for Packaging Designers

Whether designing for carton, glass, cans or flexible packaging, iC3D produces fast, accurate and photorealistic 3D visuals and prototypes on-the-fly. Capable of accurately reproducing the effects of hyperrealistic materials and techniques, as well as security features, closures, seals and fastenings, you can even custom-build your own product shape and visualize it at point-of-sale. iC3D makes collaboration easy with a free web viewer and cloud storage. Results can also be shared as 3D PDFs and press-ready proofs, animated movies, or even printed out in 3D. No specialist programs or hardware, just a single application using a simple .ai file or PDF for photorealistic results in minutes.

Your iC3D created PDF can be imported directly into Flex Pack for seamless transformation from 3D Visual to colour accurate physical mockup!

Carling iC3D Mock up

[ Features ]

  • All-in-one design software

    3D digital mockups for bottles, cans, cartons, POP, labels, flexible bags and shrink film.

  • Direct link to Illustrator & PDF import

    Real-time creation and artwork editing

  • Easy to learn and use

    No 3D knowledge required, learn in a day

  • 3D model creation

    Create complex models quickly and easily

  • SmartWrapk™

    Apply & slide labels interactively on any object

  • SmartShrink™

    Apply artwork and shrink to fit in seconds

  • Ray Tracing

    Create stunning, photorealistic digital mockups

  • Light Map Editor

    Re-creates photo studio lighting and effects

  • Dynamic Backgrounds & Perspective

    Real-time merging of 2D images & 3D design

  • Extensive Model, Template & Material Libraries

    To easily create hyperrealistic effects

  • Print and share

    Make proofs, animated movies or 3D PDFs

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