ORIS CxF Toolbox and CxF Cloud

Global communication of brand colours, consistently and effectively

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ORIS CxF Toolbox and CxF Cloud

In a global world, electronically communicating colour data accurately is quickly becoming a requirement. Global workflows as well as in-house digital workflows from designer to press are demanding common, adequate and effective means to communicate colour and appearance. CxF allows seamless, worldwide, digital communication of all commercially significant aspects of colour.

Key Benefits

ORIS CxF Toolbox

  • Use of standard file format for brand colors
  • Export of CxF/X-4 metadata to PDF/X files for supply chain partners
  • Export of ASE files for designing artwork with exact brand colors
  • Match colors, tints and overprints accurately
  • Reduced press setup time
  • Tools for reporting quality metrics included
  • Easy validation of brand colors

ORIS CxF Cloud

  • Store CxF/X-4 libraries in a central location
  • Access to up-to-date color definitions at any time from anywhere in the world

CxF Toolbox screen grab

[ Features ]

  • ORIS CxF Toolbox

    ORIS CxF Toolbox creates CxF/X-4 files from existing color data, such as CGATS files, QTX files and legacy CxF formats, or by measuring printed samples. For any measured color, ORIS CxF Toolbox quickly finds the best matching color definition available in a CxF/X-4 library. Print quality can be verified by measuring spot ink characterization charts against the tolerances defined in the CxF/X-4 metadata.

    Analyzing and correcting PDF/X files is another strong point of ORIS CxF Toolbox. CxF/X-4 data can be embedded automatically in the respective spot colors if they are missing or out of date. It is also possible to assign an Output Intent profile.

    The report function provides an overview of all spectral and colorimetric data. It also includes important data for print process control such as TVI aims and ink opacity values. This allows printers to easily create ink recipies and verify ink formulation ingredients.

  • ORIS CxF Cloud

    ORIS CxF Cloud is a web server that allows brand owners to store their CxF/X-4 data in a central location that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    This makes it easy to keep your color libraries consistent and up  to  date  for  every  user  who  is  allowed  to  access  them. Manually copying CxF/X-4 files to other companies has become a thing of the past. ORIS CxF Cloud ensures that all users around the globe are always working with the most recent version of a CxF/X-4 library.

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